Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin    

Despite what the sign says, the sky is not your limit. chuckietwoglove on Instagram.

Hi, my name is Chuck Supple and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and moved to Madison when I was 24 years old. “24 and there’s so much more” as Neil Young sang. And there was so much more. I went on to raise a family and have a career with the State of Wisconsin for over 32 years. I love Madison, and still love Chicago.  

I’m active on Facebook as Chuck Supple, Twitter as @ChuckieTwoGlove and Instagram as chuckietwoglove.  I always loved to write. I also love to read and share my thoughts.  Lately I’ve been writing “notes to self”.  Many people have told me they like my writing style, my stories, and what I have to say.  Several people have told me I should blog. So here I am doing that on WordPress.  I have no idea how often I’ll write or post. But it’s worth a shot.

I like current events, politics, sports, music and helping others.  I call myself a connector and if you read Malcolm Gladwell you’ll know what I mean. I have a consulting gig called Pay It Forward Consulting.  I love to help others with anything I can. Whether it’s help finding a job, writing a letter, giving a speech, organizing a charity golf tournament or building a social media page, I might be able to help. I like to have a good time and I love the people in my life. First and foremost I’m a husband, dad and grandpa. That trumps all.  But then I’m a friend, a concerned citizen, and someone who cares.  I love golf, and I wear two gloves – thus my nickname. 

Feel free to drop in and read what I have to say.  I remain optimistic – my glass is always half full. I use my words, back them up with my life, and believe love wins. I often turn it up to 11, because this is all we’ve got. It’s one life, and it’s this life, and it’s beautiful. 

Chuck Supple “C2G”,  chuckie2glove on WordPress   January 23, 2017


Who Is Your Rock Of Gibraltar?

The Rock of Gibraltar at sunrise February 9, 2019.  Photo by Shane Supple.


In my dad’s eulogy at his funeral in 2002, I looked out at the crowd in St. Margaret of Scotland Church and saw my loving aunt Sister Mary Supple, and said “Sister, you were my dad’s Rock of Gibraltar.” I learned about this “rock” growing up at St. Margaret’s School and also learned along the way it served as a metaphor. Wiki says to say “you’re my Rock of Gibraltar” is “to use the biggest rock one can think of as a metaphor for the feeling of support and confidence that you give them.” That’s how I see it: Someone who is always there to run to, flee to, swim to, and who grounds you. Solid, who won’t budge in their support and unconditional love for you – no matter what. Someone who accepts you with every human flaw. Someone you can be yourself around. Someone you love to be around because of that.


HIGH RES Beach photo.jpg
Mary, Charlie and Frank Supple at the Indiana Dunes, circa 1930’s.


Sister Mary was that for my dad. I’m sure her other brothers too. She was a girl who grew up on the tough south side of Chicago with five older brothers, and a brother and baby sister who died as infants. But Mary was the youngest growing up and the only girl. Her five big brothers watched out for her and protected her and they absolutely treasured her. You know they also teased her and toughened her like big brothers do. She became a Dominican nun – a real “Sister”, but she was always a beloved sister to her brothers. Mary was always there for others. She had the most beautiful smile, who had a sense of humor so wry and witty – I’m sure she got that from her brothers and dad, along with the sweetness from her mother Bridget. She had unconditional love. She accepted you and loved you for who you are no matter what. She had a way to bring people together and hold them together. She watched out for others and prayed for them. Sometimes it’s the quiet one behind the scenes that has the most influence. She was a great example of that. Often from a distance, like that giant rock on the horizon.  Maybe you can’t quite see it yet, but you know it’s going to be there.


Grandma Grandpa Supple0001
The Supple family at 1326 West 98th St. in Chicago around the time I was born. My dad Charlie is on the upper left. 
Charlie Supple and his “Rock of Gibraltar” Sister Mary Supple at a family picnic .


This past weekend my son Shane got to go to the real Rock of Gibraltar. Lucky guy he is seeing the world while studying engineering in Spain. I have never been there but based on these pictures he took it is quite the spectacle. It is in Gibraltar, a territory of the United Kingdom, on the Iberian Peninsula at the southwestern tip of Europe. John Lennon and Yoko Ono were married there in 1969. Imagine that. Even “Popeye the Sailorman” has an image of the Rock in his bicep. It has always been a symbol of strength and resilience. I’m glad Shane got to see the real thing.

John-Lennon-and-Yoko-Ono--001 (2)
John and Yoko were married at the Rock of Gibraltar in 1969
IMG_0350 (1)
The Rock of Gibraltar February 9, 2019.   Photo by Shane Supple.

I have faith, and in my heart I believe my dad is now with his Rock of Gibraltar – Sister Mary Supple, along with my mom Rita Koch Supple, his parents John and Bridget Supple, and three of his four brothers – Jack, Jim, and Tom.  We are lucky one brother, my Uncle Frank, is still here with us.

We all have those people in our lives we can count on to be there for us, at least most of us do at some point. Count yourself lucky if you do and hold on to them. Don’t let them slip away. Eventually they’ll be gone and you’ll have memories and pictures and videos. But nothing compares to the real thing. I have a few people like that myself and I’m lucky they are still here with me. They don’t care about my politics, my beliefs, my interests, my sports teams, my hobbies, and what I did without them. They cut me a break if I screw up. My hope is that we may each wander far from each other physically, but we are still connected and we will gravitate back towards each other especially when one of us really needs it.  Will I still be around for them? Will they be for me? No doubt. Like a rock.



The Rock of Gibraltar at sunset February 9, 2019.  Photo by Shane Supple.


Chuck Supple. chuckie2glove on WordPress, February 12, 2019 Madison, Wisconsin

Nothing Could Prepare Me for Sweet Winona – Girl One Look at You and I Was Hooked

Here’s an update to my blog post from a year ago. Another year old for Miss Winnie! She’s 6 today and I love her so much. This girl is going places and she will show us!


IMG_5052Her smile just melts my heart.  Winnie enjoying the lake up north, Summer 2017

It’s true. As excited as I was to become a grandpa, nothing could have prepared me for the feeling I got when I first laid eyes on you Winona Hale Supple!  I remember the day well. It was a Sunday, December 9, 2012.  The only thing on my agenda was to watch the Bears play the Vikings at noon.  Your dad Derek called us early that morning while we were sitting at Starbucks in Middleton, Wisconsin.  He told us “It’s a girl,” and said your beautiful name.  I’m not sure if it was then or later but he said they were going to call you “Winnie”.  Something to do with how much your mom Charlotte loved ‘Winnie Cooper’ in the TV show The Wonder Years. We loved it too – right away! Of course…

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I’m Gonna Let It Shine On Evangeline – Today Is Her Birthday!!!

Here’s an update to my blog post from a year ago. Another year old for Miss Evie! She’s 4 today and I love her so much. So many of my favorite photos of the year she is in – it it any wonder?


IMG_5972Even on rainy days Evie brings sunshine

Dear Evangeline Honor Supple,

“Me either!”  That’s what we say to each other about the silliest things. I don’t even know how it started, but I think it was one day when I was watching you at home, and it just stuck.  I always have fun with you and I always look forward to seeing you.  I can tell by the look on your face that when you see me you feel the same.  That makes me very happy.

I remember the day you were born. It was a bright fall Saturday morning and I was out for my daily walk. I was just about home from my two-mile loop when the phone rang and it was your dad Derek.  He said “It’s another girl!”  He was so excited and happy.  He told me how the delivery went for your mom Charlotte. And…

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Happy 10th Anniversary Facebook

I had to stop and say hello in 2012 when I was in Palo Alto. Thumbs up from me.

10 years ago today I joined Facebook. And today’s profile picture was my very first profile picture. I had a friend Joe who worked there, my kids were all on it and they were in faraway places like Spain and Costa Rica and it was a good way to see what was going on in their lives. So why not.  I had no idea how much fun it would be for me and more importantly how it would change my life. It has never been about the “dopamine hits” to me. It is about the connections I make and translating those connections to real life.

I’ve made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and merged the two. I met friends who I hadn’t seen since 8th grade and met their kids and now they’re my friends too. Not just Facebook friends – real friends; we do things together! I met and reconnected with family members who I hadn’t seen in years. I learned about their growing families, their triumphs and their losses. I introduced cousins in Ireland to my Wisconsin friends and now they’re friends. I’ve helped promote businesses and political candidates. I’ve planned events, parties, vacations, concerts, golf outings, baseball trips, tailgate parties, and promoted and showcased a high school hockey team. I helped a dear friend who lost his daughter launch a journey to help others.

My first Cover Photo – this golf trip happens every year because of Facebook

I’ve told my stories, resurrected my archives and history of my family, my old neighborhood, and our former family business – the gas station. I brought them to life with old pictures and artifacts that were collecting dust in a junk box. I helped plan reunions for my old school and classmates. I’ve seen stories of grace and serendipity happen because of Facebook.  Take a look at your friendships sometime and the mutual friends they have with you. It’s mind blowing who is connected and how. It really is 6 degrees of separation – usually much less.

I’ve shared some beliefs and opinions and tried to bridge gaps and gain understanding. I don’t expect people to agree with me but I do expect common courtesy and good civil discourse.  It’s the heart of our democracy.  I don’t delete friends because of political, religious, sports teams alliances, or other beliefs. Heck, that’s what makes the world go round. But I have been defriended a few times. So be it.

I’ve discovered the beauty of sunsets and nature and the joy in sharing such beauty. Especially with a song lyric because there’s one for damn near everything. I captured and shared pictures of my friends and family and the fun things we do. I remember the words of one old friend who said “someone has to do it, it might as well be you Chuckie.” It stuck. I’m that guy.  I really did learn a thing or two from Charlie don’t ya know.

My favorite check-in when I was at the center of the universe – Game 7 in Cleveland 11-2-16

Finally I’ve enjoyed life after a long career in government and stay as busy as ever in other things, but the best job of all is being a grandpa. I love sharing pictures of my grandkids and how they’re growing and making me and others smile.

I’m sure Mark Zuckerburg had no idea what the hell would happen when he started Facebook in his dorm room at Harvard University but I want to thank him for it.  He has made my life better. In the words of John Mellencamp “my family and friends are the best thing I know, through the eye of the needle I’ll carry them home.” Thanks to all of you who read, saw, listened, liked, or talked back in the last 10 years.

Happy 10th Anniversary from me and my Facebook.

I hope to share many more of these

Chuck Supple, chuckie2glove on WordPress, May 30, 2018  Madison, Wisconsin

This Land Was Made For You Guthrie Anderson Supple

Guthrie is bound and determined with a look of wonder and happiness

Well I have to say having a first grandson is so special.  Guthrie Anderson Supple you have no idea how special you are to so many! Early on in your mom’s pregnancy your dad told me that your mom’s job as a nurse gave her more frequent access and knowledge of ultrasounds – that’s where mommy and daddy can see what’s going on inside of her while you are growing! He told me early in her pregnancy that so far they didn’t “see anything”.  Someday you’ll appreciate what I am talking about.  So I was prepared for another granddaughter which was fine by me because I love my three grandgirls so much.  But then one day the phone rang early in the morning and it was your dad. He was so excited. He was at a doctor’s appointment with your mom and he was calling to tell me “this time they did see something!” It was going to be a boy!  We were so excited. You were the first grandchild where we knew ahead of time if it was a boy or a girl. In fact all four of my kids we didn’t know until they were born. That makes you extra special Guthrie!

I was thrilled to meet you on the day you were born Guthrie
From the day you arrived you were big sister Sadie’s living doll – she loves you so much

The day you were born was a beautiful spring day, Monday, May 22, 2017.  Your Grandma Sue had to work so I jumped in the car with your Grandma Glor and Grandpa Walt to go meet you that day!  We got to the hospital and your Grandma and Grandpa Anderson (Lollie and Bumpa) were there along with your mom and dad and your big sister Sadie June. Sadie was so excited! We had so much fun meeting you, holding you in our arms, passing you around, and watching Sadie react to her new little brother. You were instant best friends and I think you are realizing that as you grow up. You are each other’s wing-man and have each other’s back, no matter what.

When your wing-man is your big sister and you have each other’s backs

As I watch you grow I love seeing how determined you are. Your mom is great at sharing videos of you and Sadie. Each day would bring another conquest. Learning to crawl, learning to reach, and grabbing what you want! Especially your toys or Sadie’s. We also love watching you interact with your new dog Otto. He loves playing with you and you him.

Guthrie and Otto imageToSave (1)
Nothing beats a boy and his dog – Guthrie and Otto

Your determination and drive and sense of wonder will serve you well in life Guthrie. Whether it’s school, or sports and someday your career never giving up is one of the best qualities a person can have. I have a feeling that you will be a hockey player being a member of this family and living in Minnesota. And Guthrie Anderson Supple sure sounds like a hockey player!  But whatever your passion turns out to be you will do well because I know already you will give it your all.

Last week I spent a lot of time with you in Minneapolis when I came up to watch you and Sadie for a few days. It also happened to be my birthday. The weather was unusually warm for May so we made the most of it. We were outside a lot – having fun in your swing, playing in the yard, taking long walks, and exploring the nearby nature center. I even took you out to eat a few times and gave you some new foods you never had before.  You loved them!  It was such a fun three days.  I want to thank you and Sadie for one of my best birthdays ever!

Guthrie is one happy guy and that makes me happy

This is my first blog written to a grandchild who is just turning 1 year old.  I look forward to adding to it each year.  I look forward to spending more time with you in Minnesota and Madison and can’t wait to see you up north at the lake this summer.  That is going to be so fun.  It won’t be long and I will be fishing with you and showing you things I showed your dad.  And you will be a ramblin’ young man like your daddy and I look so forward to exploring with you. I have a feeling you’ll be showing me a thing or two.

I love you and am so proud and happy to call you my grandson Guthrie.
Happy 1st Birthday big guy!

Keep smiling little buddy; this land was made for you and me


“Grandpa Chuck” Supple, chuckie2glove on WordPress, May 22, 2018  Madison, Wisconsin

Happy Birthday To My Grandgirl From The North Country

You can have your cake and eat it too Sadie June – I think you can do anything


The first time I heard about you Sadie June was one of the best days of my life. Your parents Beth and Ryan were in Madison and it was a Saturday morning, September 13, 2014. I was going to golf with your dad and your Uncle Shane and your mom drove your dad over to our house to drop him off.  They came in our living room and gave us the exciting news they were pregnant – with you!  What a jump start to a great day.  Then at the golf course who comes walking off the driving range to meet us in the parking lot but Anay Patel, who would soon become your Uncle Anay. I didn’t realize why he was there other than a surprise to complete our foursome.  That was until we were walking to the first tee and he asked me if he could marry your Aunt Callie! Wow what a day! It would be capped off by a party to break in our new deck when we told everyone about your mom and dad’s big news.

The day you were born I was working out at the gym early in the morning and I got a text from your dad saying your mom was in labor and he thought today was the day!  It was, and I was so excited. It was tax day, April 15th, and you made that day so much brighter (another in the “best days of my life”).  Later that day we got the call and your dad said “It’s a girl” and her name is Sadie June!  We loved your name. And now you completed the hat-trick of grandgirls with your cousins Winnie and Evie.  I couldn’t wait to drive up to Minneapolis to meet you. Grandma Sue was out of town for her sisters’ weekend so your Uncle Shane and I drove up to meet you on Saturday.

The day I first met you up in Minnesota was one of the best days of my life Sadie June

Like your cousins, I offered to watch you if your parents ever needed help.  It didn’t take long and I was headed to Minnesota.  You are a ramblin’ girl just like your parents. Grandma Sue and I drove up and we would go hiking with you at Minnehaha Falls and Lake Harriet.  We even took you to a brewery! When you were just a year old, I took you to the Mall of America and we had so much fun, just the two of us. I could tell early on you’d be curious, smart, fearless, and friendly to others. You were such a cutie from the get-go. So many people tell us “that Sadie June is something else!”  We love getting updates from your mom on Lifecake because the pictures and videos of you are always so amazing.  But we love to see you in person the most!

Our little ramblin’  girl from the north country at Minnehaha Falls with me & Grandma Sue

November 2nd, 2016 was another great day in Grandpa’s life when I drove to Cleveland with three buddies to see the Chicago Cubs play the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 of the World Series.  Now keep in mind the Cubs hadn’t won the World Series since 1908 – over 100 years ago!  I had hope and confidence but do you know when I knew it would really happen?  When I received a video of you from your Dad right before the game started and it was you “calling me” on a pretend phone singing “Go Cubs Go!” It was then I knew it was going to happen. The Cubs would win in dramatic fashion and I’m keeping your video forever to remember it.

November 2, 2016 – Game 7 World Series, you “called me” in Cleveland to sing Go Cubs Go

Your Grandma Sue and I love watching you grow up and love when you visit and stay with us. We also love when you get together with your cousins and we watch the three of you ‘Sup girls play.  You have so much fun together.  One of the best weeks every year is when we go up north to Minocqua and stay at the lake together. You love the water and the boat and the beach.

Your cousins Evie and Winnie love you so much –  you three are “The ‘Sup Girls”
You love our week up north at the lake in Minocqua 

One of the biggest days in your life was May 22, 2017 when you were blessed with a brother Guthrie Anderson Supple. I immediately drove up to Minnesota that day with your Grandma Glor and Grandpa Walt and we saw how you were such a great big sister to him already.  You two are such good buddies and you take such good care of him.  He is a lucky little boy to have you as a big sister.

Guthrie Sadie imageToSave
Already best buddies – you and your little brother Guthrie – you’ve got each other’s backs

Recently you came to Madison to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us.  You stole the show. People were just amazed how friendly you are, how well you talk, how polite you are, and of course how cute you are.  When we got on the elevator at the parking ramp a man got on with us and you looked at him and said “Hi, this is my Grandma Sue and Grandpa Chuck!”  We were just amazed.  Then we all walked together in the Shamrock Shuffle and we had so much fun.  You looked like a girl from Ireland with your beautiful Irish shawl and everyone we saw smiled at you.  At the parade you saw my brother your Great Uncle Dave Supple and you said to him “Hi, this is my friend Winnie!” He called me the next day to tell me how impressed he was with your introductions.

Never saw such a pretty Irish lass as you Sadie June

You have great parents who care about making this world a better place and I can see it’s rubbing off on you. You are so much like them and you display the best of both of them.  You’re going places girl and I’m loving watching it unfold.

“Pretty little one, how has it all begun? They’re teaching you how to walk but you’re already on the run, little one, watcha gonna do, little one, honey it’s all up to you…”

Don’t slow down Sadie June.  Keep going where your going, keep leaning in, keep looking people in the eye, keep shaking their hands and making others happy and proud.  Like me.

Happy Birthday – I love you Sadie June!

You make me hopeful for the future Sadie June 


“Grandpa Chuck” Supple, chuckie2glove on WordPress, April 15, 2018  Madison, Wisconsin

The Absurdity Of “Criminals Don’t Follow Laws”

law criminal-law-header

I have seen this phrase all over the place lately: “Criminals don’t follow laws and will find a way to break them.” Or this version, “Bad people gonna do bad things and nothin’ you can do about it.” Bullshit. What absurd logic. Then why have any laws? This phrase has exploded lately because of the push for more gun control after Parkland, Florida, but I’ve heard it before. I’m not going to talk about gun control here today, but rather the effectiveness of laws – good old American law and order.
How many crimes don’t happen because of a law? We will never know will we? That’s the beauty of law and order. People comply and follow laws because they don’t want to get shot, they don’t want to get beat up, they don’t want to go to prison and they prefer a world where laws serve as a deterrent. A law is just one solution to the evils of the world, but it is a big one. Most people are good and will do the right thing but many people are not and will commit evil acts. So civilized society created laws along the way to make it harder to inflict harm on your fellow man and be evil. A lawless society is not one you want, believe me.
 If you respect the Ten Commandments, and you respect the Constitution, and you respect the police, and you respect America, then please stop the nonsense of advocating that laws don’t work because bad people will break them anyway. It’s ridiculous and dumb.
Have a great peaceful law-abiding day.
Chuck Supple, chuckie2glove on WordPress, March 22, 2018 Madison, Wisconsin